For Monitoring Equipment Vibration (g) and Temperature

What is the CMI Module for Monitoring Equipment Vibration (g) and Temperature (CMI-EVT)?

It is a centralized, PLC / PC / Web based solution designed to provide maintenance and operations personnel at industrial sites with continuous access to critical, real-time Vibration (Amplitude – g) and Temperature (°F) information on rotating equipment and related components. This Module helps identify and resolve equipment issues before process interruptions occur, exorbitant premature repair costs are incurred, safety parameters are exceeded, or catastrophic failures occur.

The CMI (Control, Monitor, Inform) Module for Monitoring Equipment Vibration and Temperature (EVT) comes with Vibration / Temperature Sensors for up to 20 separate pieces of equipment. These Sensors mount directly to the measurement point of the equipment being monitored and their compact size makes installation possible virtually anywhere. Each Sensor has a Wireless Transceiver (based on IEEE 802.15.4) for transferring Sensor information directly to the PLC, at 1 minute intervals, avoiding data transport noise issues commonly found on wires. The 5 minute average of this information is saved by the PLC on an SD Card and exported to a PC or Server as an Excel and .csv files for trending analysis, documentation, and analysis of equipment operation.

What It Does

The CMI-EVT Module delivers all monitoring information, in real-time, through a PC browser based Webpage (shown above), delivered by the PLC over an Ethernet connection. All vibration and temperature operating status information is shown with corresponding Alarms. To Acknowledge Active Alarms, and access detailed Alarm Information and Resolution Hints, Operators use a Remote Operator Utility in the CMI Module to directly access the PLC from their PC.

How It Works

The CMI Module for Monitoring Equipment Vibration and Temperature (EVT) uses a baseline of user-defined threshold values for vibration and temperature to provide alerting for maintenance personnel that equipment is operating outside expected parameters and needs to be serviced. The heat generated by failing motors and bearings can be detected, providing predictive diagnostics for maintenance before the devices shut down, and enabling management to address potential equipment downtime against key business priorities.  Operating vibration and temperature data is synthesized into a webpage on a PC, for an “at-a-glance” view of equipment status.

CMI Modules provide 2 connections for PC access to the PLC for monitoring and control, and one connection for your web server to provide browser-based access to the monitoring webpage. A fourth connection is reserved by DYMOCON for service and support of the CMI Module, and off-site backup of logged data. The EVT module is delivered installed at the site as a fully integrated solution.  The CMI Module is a wireless and / or wired management solution that will enhance industrial systems and help lower plant operating costs, capital expenditures, and lost / down time, while improving risk management and productivity.

Download a PDF about the CMI MODULE EVT [2.21 MB]