The DYMOCON Solution

Finally, a real solution to the real problems of monitoring and controlling critical industrial, manufacturing, and infrastructure systems for heat/cold and vibration conditions

DYMOCON has developed (patent pending) a centralized PLC / PC / Web based solution utilizing state-of-the-art tools and technologies.  This solution is targeted towards a multitude of industrial and process applications that are critical to the proper and efficient operation of most plants.

In any operating plant environment, there are various issues that can have serious negative consequences if not monitored and maintained closely.  Some typical applications include:

  • Preventing bearing failure on rotating equipment
  • Maintaining critical process temperatures at required levels
  • Tank level control
  • “Winterization” of outdoor equipment

The primary objective of DYMOCON’s product and solution development is to increase the awareness level, on a plant-wide basis, of any impending operational issues with these typical applications BEFORE they create a significant negative impact on your operations.

Information Is Prevention

At the heart of the solution is the integration of all of the necessary information you need to resolve equipment issues before process interruptions occur, exorbitant premature repair costs are incurred, safety parameters are exceeded, or catastrophic failures occur.

The DYMOCON solution identifies specific equipment problems via access to real-time and continuous information; synthesizes this information via a single “at a glance” web page available on a LAN-based browser; generates alarms based upon user-defined parameters; and ultimately can control devices based upon user-defined configuration parameters.

By utilizing state-of-the-art technology,  DYMOCON  has created the “CMI” product line of control, monitoring, and information solutions that will alert you to critical system issues BEFORE they impact your plant operations.

DYMOCON CMI modules can be implemented with ANY manufacturer, and by utilizing the (patent pending) DYMOCON WIRELESS solution, it can be retrofitted into existing applications at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems.

If the integrity of your critical process system matters, contact us to see how DYMOCON can keep you “up and running.”

DYMOCON – Solutions for the control, monitoring, and information of critical process systems.