For Monitoring Load and GFI on Heat Trace Lines

What is the CMI Module for Monitoring Load and GFI on Heat Trace Lines (CMI-LGL)?

It is a centralized, PLC / PC / Web based solution designed to provide real-time Load and GFI information on individual Heat Trace Lines, where multiple lines are deployed through a single breaker in a typical electric Heat Trace Ambient sensing Distribution Panel. Typically in this configuration, when a single line fails, it trips the breaker and all other lines on it, making troubleshooting and repair a significant and time consuming problem.

This CMI (Control, Monitor, Inform) Module for Monitoring Load and GFI on Heat Trace Lines (LGL), has a Mini-Breaker and Relay Panel which is connected between the existing breaker and Heat Trace Lines. The LGL Module is designed to monitor each Heat Trace Line separately, to generate alarms when Load and GFI are outside predefined levels, and to open a relay when GFI levels for an individual line are above the predetermined user-defined value. LGL Modules are available for 8, 12, 16, and 20 Lines.

What It Does

The CMI-LGL Module delivers all real-time monitoring information through a PC browser based webpage, delivered from the PLC over an Ethernet connection. With the LGL Module, all status information on Heat Trace Lines is shown with corresponding Alarms and Warnings, for efficient “at-a-glance” understanding of Heat Trace Line health. To Acknowledge Active Alarms, and access detailed Alarm Information and Resolution Hints, Operators use a Remote Operator Utility in CMI Modules to directly access the PLC from their PC.

How It Works

Current Transducers (CTs) are used by the LGL Module to collect Load (Amps) and GFI (mA) information from each Heat Trace Line. This information is logged by a PLC which controls the operation of each HTL using a Relay which trips the line OFF when mAs equal or exceed a GFI Trip Set-point, or Alarms when mAs equal or exceed a GFI Alarm Set-point, eliminating nuisance low level GFI trips. When load readings (Actual Amps) fall to, or below, a user-defined Amps Alarm Set-point, an Amps Alarm will be shown.

All operating and alarm data logged by the PLC is stored on an SD Card and is exported as Excel and CSV files for documentation and analysis of the HTL System operation. CMI Modules provide 2 connections for PC access to the PLC for configuration and alarm acknowledgements, and one connection for your web server to provide browser-based access to the monitoring webpage. A fourth connection is reserved by DYMOCON for service and support of the CMI Modules, and off-site backup of logged data.

The LGL Module is designed to operate after HTLs have been wired to the PLC within the CMI Module Panel. The PLC and PC are delivered “turnkey” to the site as a fully integrated wired solution. CMI Modules are a wired management solution that will help lower plant operating costs, capital expenditures, and lost / down time, while improving risk management and productivity.

Download a PDF about the CMI MODULE LGL [2.46 MB]