About Us

Who We Are

We don’t like to boast, but we’ll say it anyway: DYMOCON is a team of highly experienced process and industrial engineering people who got together to create a family of products and applications to address some of the most critical aspects of keeping processes running, plants operating, and equipment functioning.

How We Got Here

With over 110 years of collective industrial experience between us, we created a blend of the latest technology and highly practical, in-depth understanding of industrial conditions, processes, and equipment to develop the DYMOCON solution. This development involved painstaking trials, component development and testing, and literally thousands of hours spent writing PLC code. Our developers have worked with power plants, paper mills, and many different kinds of process and manufacturing plants, so we understand the demands made upon operations personnel, especially in the specific areas of winterization of piping and instrumentation, and vibration monitoring of rotating equipment. With our depth of understanding and experience, we can work with EVERY level of operations in a plant, from technicians to upper management.

What Motivated Us

DYMOCON came about as a result of three key principles: Observation, Perception, Action.


We’ve noticed that management and maintenance personnel in all plants today are in a position of having to do more with less — that it’s impossible for the people who ARE on-site to have the same degree of equipment and application knowledge as many plants once enjoyed.


Key information, available to you on a continuous and easy-to-use basis is key to the efficient operation and maintenance of operating facilities and industrial processes today, and this will remain true — actually become indispensable — into the future.


We decided to create a cost-effective solution to monitor and control multiple applications that are high priority for operating plants. The issues are as fundamental as the equipment itself — involving rotating components, freeze protection, and monitoring of instrumentation — but the solutions are cutting-edge: utilizing the latest technology and taking advantage of the digital and wireless revolution to provide continuous and clear information to key personnel.

What All this Means for You

In essence, we offer a turnkey, practical, and cost-effective solution for monitoring critical applications. And we can bring all of this expertise and savings to YOU.

It’s all about SOLUTIONS

When you need a metrology provider you can count on, have a look at Diamond Technical Services. We’ll help you select the appropriate calibration system and analyze the requirements for YOUR specific applications. For all your calibration needs, we’re there for you and your personnel with troubleshooting and repair of your electronic and mechanical equipment.

And, if you know you need heat trace, or you have it but aren’t sure if it’s REALLY going to be there when you need it most, Diamond Thermal Systems can assist you. If you don’t have the staffing or the time to devote to this important component of your business, it makes sense to talk to us.