At the heart of all our applications are the principles of Control, Monitor, Inform.

For Operations Today and Into the Future

We all know that operating and managing a plant or industrial facility today involves “doing more with less.”

DYMOCON applications were developed in recognition of the fact that you can’t be everywhere at once, and that you’re making it all work with fewer people on-site who have the detailed and specific knowledge to ensure that all is well from day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute, when it comes to the key areas (freeze protection / winterization, vibration monitoring) that are critical to keeping your plant running effectively, or in some cases — running at all.

Taking Advantage of Built in Expertise

DYMOCON applications assist you in managing these complex systems and sensitive components by means of “built in expertise.” Essentially, these applications watch over the systems and can control or alert you to factors that are crucial to operations without YOUR needing to have all the detailed knowledge of the many and various disciplines, or every last detail about how every piece of equipment functions.

Every DYMOCON CMI MODULE provides a synthesized package of information, so you can know “at-a-glance” if issues exist, or if action needs to be taken. The “raw information” is collected, but it is also analyzed FOR you, so your DYMOCON “expert system” — planned, installed, and configured by your DYMOCON team — can ensure that the monitoring, control, and alerts take place without your intervention and present you with the crucial information you need to operate on a day to day basis, preventing problems, detecting issues BEFORE they shut you down, and providing you with peace of mind and a cushion against unforseen trouble.

Cost-Effective, Pro-active Solutions

With fewer people on the floor, or out on inspections, you need cost-effective solutions to do what used to be a manpower-intensive requirement for monitoring and maintenance. DYMOCON applications provide you with the INFORMATION you need about the health and wellbeing of your equipment on a CONSTANT basis, so you can be alerted about not just problems, but even POTENTIAL problems, and be pro-active in maintaining your systems. DYMOCON systems are your solution if you don’t have the time or the personnel to analyze raw information, but just want to know: “Is there a problem, or not?” or “Will there be a problem?”

Knowledge Is Power

YOU may know WHO to call in when equipment needs attention, but with a DYMOCON solution installed, DYMOCON can help you know WHEN to call them in.

FOR PIPING — You know it’s critical for your plant to have proper flow in all piping to prevent costly trouble, shut downs, and delays.

FOR INSTRUMENTATION — You know it’s critical for your plant to have good information at all times in order to control your processes.

FOR ROTATING EQUIPMENT — You know it’s critical for your plant to have reliable pumps, motors, fans, vacuum, or other essential pieces of equipment operating optimally and efficiently, and that trouble MUST be detected early and corrected, or vibration, bearing failures and worse can be the result.


With DYMOCON applications watching out for you, you’re way ahead of the game.