Vibration/Temperature Monitoring



Vibration Monitoring Is Essential

The operational life-span of rotating equipment (i.e. pumps, fans, motors, etc) is significantly impacted by the dynamic balance of the rotating components. When the rotating mass becomes unbalanced, the level of vibration—and potentially the thermal signature—changes in relation to the imbalance of the rotating equipment.

The ability to continuously monitor the vibration and/or temperature of critical equipment and processes is essential for efficient and safe operations in most industrial facilities. It is imperative that rotating equipment is monitored effectively, so that unplanned disruptions and/or catastrophic equipment failures are prevented.

Continuous Monitoring Is the Superior Solution

While most industrial systems are periodically inspected and maintained on a routine basis, not all equipment can be monitored accurately, cost-effectively, or safely with existing instrumentation. Traditionally, vibration monitoring occurs on a scheduled basis (monthly, quarterly, etc), and a “signature” is taken of the equipment at that single point in time.

The reality is that process conditions change continuously, so in order to properly safeguard critical process equipment, it must be monitored continuously.

Predictive Versus Reactive Maintenance

The importance of keeping plant operations “up” and at peak performance levels has never been more important.  Improving risk management has become a keynote to successful maintenance programs. Predicting when rotating equipment failures will occur may still be more of an art than a science, but being alerted to user defined parameter limits for vibration and temperature measurements on important assets is an extremely valuable tool in effective plant operations.  Gathering the necessary information and having it available in a timely, easy-to-use portal is crucial to success.

Monitoring that’s Continuous and Instantaneous

The Dymocon CMI module synthesizes the vibration and temperature data via a single “at a glance” web page available on a LAN-based browser and generates alarms based upon user-defined parameters. The status of all critical equipment is updated real-time and continuously – eliminating the need for manual data collection that traditionally provided only a “snapshot” of data a single point in time.

The data is stored on an SD card within the PLC, and can be exported automatically to on-site and/or off-site storage drives. This information can then be used to analyze process upsets, trend operating performance, improve efficiencies, and improve plant reliability and “up-time.”

The Problem

How to provide a flexible, scalable and low installed cost vibration and temperature  monitoring system for critical rotating equipment that provides cost-effective,  and continuous means of alarming?

The Solution

A WIRELESS vibration and temperature monitoring system that provides all of the functionality and alarming that operating plants and plant personnel require. The solution is DYMOCON.